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December 6, 2014

Making Bugzilla Searches Faster

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People often wonder how to make searches in Bugzilla faster on large installations. Two things will give you the most bang for the buck:

  • Specify you only want open bugs (if that’s true)
  • Specify a product (and, if you know it, a component) to search

Do those two things, and your searches will be much faster.

Coincidentally enough, Bugzilla’s “Simple Search” (BMO version) allows you to specify precisely those two things.


June 25, 2010

Search Comment Additions

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It is possible to search for who added comments to Bugzilla and when they did it. In boolean charts,

"Commenter" "is equal to" "<person>"

will find bugs to which that person has added a comment.

"A Comment" "changed before" / "changed after" "<date>"

finds bugs where a comment was added before or after a certain date. You can combine the two (must be in the same boolean chart in order to apply to the same comment) to look for bugs where a particular person added a comment before or after a certain date.

Example: all bugs you have commented on since June 18th 2010 (also uses pronoun substitution)

January 26, 2010


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There are three ways of searching Bugzilla:

Quicksearch is a way of getting the simplicity of Find A Specific Bug with the specificity of Advanced Search. It does a case-insensitive, substring search of the keywords and free-text fields (except comments) on open bugs.

Some tips:

  • Simple things do what you expect – you can “quote special characters like spaces”, -negate,  either|or
  • Start with ALL to search all bugs, including RESOLVED, e.g. “ALL component:Query/Bug List
  • You can search for the values of other fields using “fieldname:value”, e.g. “keywords:crash“(it uses sane field names rather than database column names)

That should get you started; read the docs for more. The quicksearch box is in the Bugzilla header and footer. Try it out!

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