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May 9, 2011

Change Your Bugzilla Email

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Just changed email address?

Unlike many sites, it is possible in Bugzilla to change your login name/username/email address. I can be done in the Preferences, on the Email Preferences tab, with the box marked “New Email Address”.

This is much preferred to creating a new account and then trying to migrate all of your CCs and watchlists, or realising you did the wrong thing and asking an admin to ‘merge’ the accounts. If you have created a new account for your new address but not really used it yet, and want to “undo” your mistake, change the address for the new account to something throwaway, and then change the address for the old account to your new real email address. If you have used both accounts significantly, you’ll have to ask the admins to do a merge. Not all Bugzilla admins may be able to do this, as it’s not a supported feature of the software with a UI.


May 4, 2011

Search Bugzilla Using Google

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For Bugzillas with the Sitemap extension, which now includes bugzilla.mozilla.org, you can search Bugzilla using Google, with site:bugzilla.mozilla.org.

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