Bugzilla Tips

November 23, 2010


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Bugzilla supports ‘tags’ or taglike things in a number of ways:

  • Keywords
  • Freeform, in the status whiteboard
  • Its own tagging implementation

You may not have heard of the last of these because it’s disabled by default. Head over to your Preferences, the General Preferences tab, and turn “Enable tags for bugs” to On. This adds new UI to your footer: “add the tag [        ] to bugs [        ]”. You can type a tag name and some bug numbers here, and those bugs will be tagged. Once you have one or more tags defined, you’ll also get the option of adding existing tags to a list of bug numbers.

The tagging system is built on top of saved searches, so:

  • by default only you can see the tag and get the list of bugs tagged
  • links appear in the footer for each tag (but can be removed)
  • you can share the “search” with a Bugzilla group

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