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June 25, 2010

Search Comment Additions

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It is possible to search for who added comments to Bugzilla and when they did it. In boolean charts,

"Commenter" "is equal to" "<person>"

will find bugs to which that person has added a comment.

"A Comment" "changed before" / "changed after" "<date>"

finds bugs where a comment was added before or after a certain date. You can combine the two (must be in the same boolean chart in order to apply to the same comment) to look for bugs where a particular person added a comment before or after a certain date.

Example: all bugs you have commented on since June 18th 2010 (also uses pronoun substitution)


June 3, 2010

Quicksearch Video

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Mike Beltzner has made an excellent video on how to use Bugzilla Quicksearch. If you use Bugzilla for more than about ten minutes every day, then this is definitely worth 5 minutes 33 seconds of your time.

Sadly, free WordPress doesn’t seem to allow the <video> tag, so you’ll have to go to all the effort of clicking this link (Theora video).

My favourite part is right at the beginning, where Beltzner says breezily “OK! So, now I’m going to change your life!”, and in the background you can just hear Madhava’s entirely unimpressed “I see.”

[Historical correction: as Jesse has pointed out, although he was a great supporter and inspirer, Andreas Franke made Quicksearch, not him.]

June 2, 2010

Firefox Search Keywords

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This is only sort-of a Bugzilla tip (it’s more a Firefox tip), but it makes searching Bugzilla a lot quicker and easier.

In Firefox, head over to bugzilla.mozilla.org, right click on the Search box and hit “Add a Keyword for this Search…”. Give it the keyword “bug”.

Now, you can search Bugzilla directly from your URL bar using QuickSearch syntax, by typing “bug <terms>”.

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