Bugzilla Tips

April 23, 2010


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Bugzilla’s comment autolinkifier will linkify the following things:

  • bug 12345
  • bug #12345
  • comment 6
  • comment #6
  • bug 12345, comment 6 (and other variations with a #)
  • attachment 67890
  • URLs for the following schemes: ‘afs’, ‘cid’, ‘ftp’, ‘gopher’, ‘http’, ‘https’, ‘irc’, ‘mailto’, ‘mid’, ‘news’, ‘nntp’, ‘prospero’, ‘telnet’, ‘view-source’, ‘wais’
  • Duplicate markers

These will only linkify if the bug exists – “bug 10000000” will not autolinkify until you have that many bugs.

Note that it doesn’t linkify bare numbers, so if you are talking about other bugs, please put the word “bug” before each of them. (Note also that the word “bug” is customizable system-wide – everywhere else as well as autolinkification).

Bugzilla also provides the ability to hook into this mechanism using the bug_format_comment hook, so an admin can extend it to autolinkify any text you like. If you have ideas for text you’d like autolinkified on bugzilla.mozilla.org, file a bug about it.


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