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March 29, 2010

Alternative Data Formats

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If you want data out of Bugzilla in some format other than an HTML web page, Bugzilla can support that. The “ctype” parameter takes a short name for a content type. Valid ctypes include:

  • Bugs: xml (using a custom Bugzilla schema)
  • Bug lists: js, ics, atom, rdf (which is XML), csv
  • Reports: csv

So you can subscribe to a buglist using Atom, or import it into a spreadsheet using CSV. For security reasons, the JS template is limited to public bugs only.

You can also get all this data and more as XML or JSON from the built-in RPC API, and as JSON or unstable XML from the RESTful BzAPI.For these two formats, these APIs are the recommended way to get data.

New formats can be created simply by dropping a template into the relevant directory on a Bugzilla installation. So if there are formats you’d like, say so :-)


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