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March 23, 2010

Neat BzAPI Tools

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Atul Varma has built some very cool tools using the Bugzilla REST API:

  • User Dashboard – shows things you need to review, bugs assigned to you, ones you reported recently and other useful lists.
  • User Finder – put your Bugzilla username and password in the first two fields, and the person you are searching for in the third one. Handy for knowing what someone’s email address is to CC them. You can also use this to make your own Dashboard by searching for yourself then hitting the button.
  • Bug Filer – automatically finds products and components matching a string, and takes you to an Enter Bug page for that component. This one is a bit slow, but we checked in two fixes this week to Bugzilla core to speed up config.cgi which (indirectly) supplies the data, so hopefully they’ll make it to b.m.o. before too long.
  • For Hg users, he’s also working on a qexportbz command to match qimportbz, but it’s not quite ready yet.

You can hear and see him demoing them in the (open) video of the WeeklyUpdate meeting from yesterday, which is embedded at the top of the meeting’s wiki page. Starts 2 minutes in.

He said: “To alleviate some of my major pain points, I decided to look into Gerv’s RESTful API for Bugzilla. So I used that to make some tools”. That’s exactly what the BzAPI was created for. Go Atul! And everyone else, please do the same!


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