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January 26, 2010


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There are three ways of searching Bugzilla:

Quicksearch is a way of getting the simplicity of Find A Specific Bug with the specificity of Advanced Search. It does a case-insensitive, substring search of the keywords and free-text fields (except comments) on open bugs.

Some tips:

  • Simple things do what you expect – you can “quote special characters like spaces”, -negate,  either|or
  • Start with ALL to search all bugs, including RESOLVED, e.g. “ALL component:Query/Bug List
  • You can search for the values of other fields using “fieldname:value”, e.g. “keywords:crash“(it uses sane field names rather than database column names)

That should get you started; read the docs for more. The quicksearch box is in the Bugzilla header and footer. Try it out!


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