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January 26, 2010


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There are three ways of searching Bugzilla:

Quicksearch is a way of getting the simplicity of Find A Specific Bug with the specificity of Advanced Search. It does a case-insensitive, substring search of the keywords and free-text fields (except comments) on open bugs.

Some tips:

  • Simple things do what you expect – you can “quote special characters like spaces”, -negate,  either|or
  • Start with ALL to search all bugs, including RESOLVED, e.g. “ALL component:Query/Bug List
  • You can search for the values of other fields using “fieldname:value”, e.g. “keywords:crash“(it uses sane field names rather than database column names)

That should get you started; read the docs for more. The quicksearch box is in the Bugzilla header and footer. Try it out!


Welcome to Bugzilla Tips

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This blog will make you aware of tips and tricks to help you use Bugzilla more efficiently and more pleasantly. Most tips will work on any Bugzilla of version 3.4 (the latest stable version) or later, but a few may be specific to bugzilla.mozilla.org.

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